Tony Li

Companies: Lending Club, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Position: Site Coordinator | 2014-2015, Intern | 2013-2014



“VITA had a tremendous impact on my college experiences in terms of creating numerous memories and developing relationships with a group of highly motivated companions who enjoy providing a fantastic service to the community. At the same time, my experiences inspired me to pursue accounting and tax as a career. The program allowed me to grow in different ways through exposure, soft skills, and technical ability. VITA provides a great combination of community service and professional development opportunities.”


Andrew Cheng

Companies: Bosch Research and Technology Center, Abalone Inc., University of California Davis

Position: Advisor | 2015-2016





“My college experience was benefited from VITA by providing me a path to reduce stress, make friends, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and allowed me to apply the skills learned from the classroom to problem solve the tax problems of the community. The soft skills learned and practiced from VITA not only allowed me to gain experience in the tax services industry but also allowed me to refine my leadership skills, develop interpersonal skills and gain transferable research and accounting skills that can be applied towards my engineering and entrepreneurial career.”


Tiffany West

Companies: Unitrans’ Accounting Department, Richardson and Company, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Position: Site Coordinator | 2016-2017, Intern | 2015-2016



I was fortunate enough to serve as one of the Co- Presidents on the 2016-2017 VITA Board. This opportunity not only taught me how to be a leader and how to work with a group of people to achieve the organization’s goals, but it gave me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the tax accounting field while providing a necessary service for the Davis community. It is this experience that drove me to want to begin my career in the accounting field. Students in VITA will always stand out as one of my best college internship experiences.”



Gabriel Cheuk

Companies: Andersen Tax, Symphony Financial Planning, Soesbe Tax Services

Position: Site Coordinator | 2016-2017, Marketing Director | 2015-2016, Intern | 2014-2015


A lot of people feel you have to separate work and life, but it is really the blending of the two that have helped me become the most successful me. My involvement in VITA for three years made me successful in college by combining my passion for community service and professional development. It provided me different career experiences such as marketing, taxes, and management. Throughout all the three years in VITA, it helped me secure multiple paid internships and a full time job before entering senior year, all while simultaneously providing community service and shaping people’s lives for the better.”



Shelly Zeng

Companies: UC Davis Center for Students Involvement, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Position: Marketing Director | 2015-2017, Intern | 2014-2015




My three years with Students in VITA has been an amazing experience. Being a part of the internship program, I have gained tax law knowledge, assisted community members with free tax service, and worked with great people. The internship program provided me opportunities to enhance my financial literacy and also get involved with community service. I truly enjoyed my time at the program, and I am looking forward to see the organization grow each year.”


 Wilson Feng 

Companies: California State Board of Equalization, California Franchise Tax Board

Position: Advisor | 2016-2017




Learning how to prepare, read, and review tax returns bridged the gap in my tax knowledge. Knowing what to look for and where to look to on tax returns aided me in both drafting summary decisions on tax appeal cases as well as filing tax appeal briefs on behalf of the state.”


Kristen Morizono

Companies: UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Position: Design Director | 2016-2017



Being a member of VITA gave me the opportunity to apply my design knowledge and skills to a real-world professional setting.  VITA challenged me to improve my graphic design work while also reinforcing the importance of good communication, time management, and professionalism.”


Yuwei Chen

Companies: Berkeley Research Group, McKeany-Flavell Company

Position: Vice President 2016-2017 | Lead Intern 2015-2016| Intern 2014-2015



It has been an incredible experience to stay with VITA for three years. As a tax preparer, I was able to give back to the community by assisting individuals in need in filling tax returns. Meanwhile, being part of the board is a wonderful opportunity to practice how to work in a team and be a leader. Although I decided not to pursue a career in accounting, I found myself greatly benefit from the tax knowledge and professional communication skills I acquired through VITA when I applied for internships and jobs. The skills and lessons I learned in VITA will be invaluable assets for my career development in the future.